Friday, September 29, 2017


It has been a very long time and we have had many life changes... divorce, graduations, jobs just to name a few. No one wants to know the bad and the ugly that happens so I refrained for a very long time from posting. That is not to say it has all been bad since the last post. It certainly hasn't, but that was the reason I stopped initially and then just never returned. Now we have had something happen that I think is going to be worth documenting, but before I get to that let's do a general update. Both Case and Amelia have graduated from High School. Case attempted college, but it just wasn't for him at the that time. He currently has a good job that he likes doing fire and water mitigation. He has his own apartment not too far away and we get to see him regularly. Amelia is currently a junior at USC- Columbia majoring in Hospitality and Tourism Management. She wants to be a wedding planner and is very excited about a wedding planning class she has this semester. She and Conner have been together now for about 3 and half years and are still going strong. Ainslee is currently in 8th grade. She stopped dancing 2 years ago after having been on the competition jazz team for 7 years. She chose to take up horseback riding last year and is in full fledged teenagedom. The biggest change in our life recently that has brought me back to this is the decision to travel. We have taken the requisite family vacations each year, but now we are going to do it as a lifestyle for a while. With Case and Amelia out of the house, it will be just me and Ainslee on the road. It was actually at her bidding that this has come about. She saw me looking at travel nursing, which has been a dream for me since becoming a nurse, and encouraged the pursuit. So... she is being home-schooled so we can take off after some preparation. We plan to use an RV for a roof over our head and I have currently taken a "local" travel assignment with a friend who does the same to get my feet wet and learn the RV lifestyle. I am going to try to post here and Facebook to document our adventures. Stay tuned...

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

National Technical Honor Society

Case was inducted in to NTHS this last week for his Auto Tech Class. He is also on NHS ( National Honor Society) for academics. Here is Case with his certificate and teacher in the shop:

Friday, December 14, 2012

Random pictures

Because my children like to pick up my phone and be goofy...

First flower of winter

One morning the past week Ainslee pointed out the first flower on our camellia bush this year. It's often the little things that bring the greatest joy. The beauty and courage that the lone flower displayed and the fact that Ainslee was observant enough to notice it gave a such a feeling of peace.

Trans- Siberian Orchestra

We do two kinda big things each Christmas. One is always The Nutcracker. The other one I try to do something different each year. This year we got tickets to Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Case and I have wants to go to this for years and this year we made it!

Ainslee's first public school performance

Ainslee and her fellow third graders performed an all American songfest at novembers PTO meeting:

Rennassaince festival

We LOVE the Carolina Renaissance Festival! Held right outside if Charlotte, it is one of our favorite yearly events. I forgot to take many pictures. We always pick up something from the artisans. this year Amelia got a clay dragon that breaths smoke- its an incense incense burner. Even came with a "poop patty" to place the incense on for burning. We were enjoying ourselves too much for me to remember, but here are a few:

Parent week

This year we are traveling to three different dance studios. Ainslee is on the UCDC jazz competition team again. Amelia continues to take classes at he Centre for Performing Arts in Easley and both are taking ballet at Greenville Ballet. Whew! Each studio has a week where parents can come watch their child's class to see what they do. Here are some pictures from Greenville Ballets parent week:

Thursday, December 6, 2012


Ainslee and I spent Halloween with a my work crew at Tamara's house. She had a wonderful spread of food with lots of treats. Ainslee fell in love with Tamara. She liked her so much that she didn't want to leave and wants to invite her to our house one day. I don't blame her. Tamara is a wonderful soul. Ainslee dresses as Medusa in a homemade costume by yours truly based on a picture she saw in Chasing Fireflies. We put tiny braids and little you snaked, some of which glowed in the dark. Amelia spent the night with her best friend,Courtney, as usual. Case, being the teenager that he is, went gallivanting around with his friends. At the end of the night Ainslee and I came home and she filled her tummy with candy and we watched a Harry Potter movie as is our Halloween tradition. I do have to say, I miss Case and Amelia not being with us on Halloween. I loved watching them pull their candy out and separating it all then bargaining for trades as we all watched Harry Potter. Here's some pictures:

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The pumpkin patch and corn maze

We visited Stewarts Farm pumpkin patch and corn maze this year. We have been here before and think they have the BEST corn maze around.